One Component Polyurethane Foam(Pd No. : 3004890)

(Updated : Feb/17/2016)
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Product Name: One Component Polyurethane Foam

Company Name: Hamil Selena Co., Ltd.

1.Worldfoam is our brand polyurethane foam,for sealing openings.
 Once out of the can, it starts curding with air humidity.
 Worldfoam guarantees cracks or openings to be tightly sealed vibration and noise from the outside.


2.Tytan65 can perform working volume of maximum 40% more than that of existing foam.
 Tytan 65 can produce foam of maximum 65ℓ per 1 can in the most optimum condition(20℃,60% RH).
 Tytan 65 is fire-retardant that meet the DIN4102 FIRE CLASS B2 STANDARD(GERMANY)


Learn more at www.worldfoam.com

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company information
Contact Person Lee Chun Sik
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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