Automatic Wheel Wash(Pd No. : 3004630)

(Updated : Jul/21/2015)
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Model Nm
HS CODE 842489
Keywords wheel, tire, tyre, washer, wash, construction, mining, landfill, environment
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Product Name: Automatic Wheel Wash

Automatic Tire Wash : Automatic wheel washer the product is used in construction or mining site to wash
the wheel of dump-truck, heavy truck or other vehicles. It helps to reduce a cloud of dust and a lot of
dirty for clean air and to minimize further damages on the pavement road with clean tires. Consequently,
construction period and cost can be reduced. It also helps to solve provokable environmental problem
by keeping environment clean near construction sites.

Fully automatic tire washing system
A super-high speed washing system operated by detecting the vehicle's In and Out movements by means of sensors.Balanced nozzle locations make wheel washing perfect on both the inside and ouside of wheels, as well as underbody of the vehicle in an optimum time.

Strength design for durability
All assembled parts have conformed to KS standards.
Main farame is specially designed and built to provide enough strength by CO2 welding. Special paints and sandblasting to prevent rusting.

Self-circulating cleaning water and automatic water supply system
Submersible pump installed in the tire washer enables cleaning water to self-circulate, and automatic water supply system ensures a constant supply of cleaning water.

Automatic Sludge pushing out system
Powered chain conveyor installed in the wheel washer pushes out the submerged soil and debris automatically.
Rubber blade made of special material provides an excellent anti abrasion property and thus lengens the machine's durability.



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company information
Contact Person PARK, JAE HEE
Company entra
Homepage www.dsht95.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/entra--1000223
Tel 0522541934 Fax 0522541938
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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