hydronic floor heating panel (Pd No. : 3004594)

(Updated : Jun/03/2015)
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Model Nm AOG1517/AOG1585/AOG2017/AOG2085
HS CODE 732690
Ceritification CE GOST
Keywords heating, floor heating, heating system, floor heating system, hydraulic heating
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• Product Name : Low carbon hot water hydronic heating panel

• Company Name : AOG SYSTEM

• Features

For the Hot Water Floor Heating Technology, achieved by the prefabricated panel, which heat radiation performance improved, it’s been recognized as an eco-friendly and green technology construction materials.

Obtained the Europe CE Certificate (Europe Standard Quality) for the 1st time from the dry type floor heating system business fields in the country. Proved to be eco-friendly construction materials showing energy-saving efficiency of more than 35% in average than those of wet type floor heating system, as that verified by a national certified testing agency. Compared to other dry type Ondol, this Ondol layer is in the thickness Of 15mm, the slimmest size in the country.

In case of having installed with the dry type Ondlo floor for 11㎡, it has shown there’ heating fuel saving (light oil) by approx. 410ℓ and heating cost reduction for approx. 750 thousand Won annually compared to those spent where a wet type Ondol is installed.

Shortening of the time require reaching the set temperature by 55% compared to that of a wet type Ondol.

By adopting four (4) hot water flow paths (4 flow paths on left and right), making an improvement to one direction hot water flow path, the heating energy efficiency has been increased by reducing water flow resistance.

Due to the increase of the heat radiation performance, it has become subject to applying low temperature, ranging between 40~60℃, for the realization of low temperature heating by lowering the temperature at the entrance of the hot water.

• Website : www.aog.kr 

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company information
Contact Person Lee Hee Gon
Company aogsystem
Address 187-7, Mubong-ri, Sohol-eup, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 487-822, South Korea
Homepage www.aog.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/aogsystem--1074410
Tel 031-544-9095 Fax 0506-200-1654
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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POST 2020 Green Business Partnership(Seoul) 2016-07-05 ~ 2016-07-07
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