Vehicle Tracking Device(Pd No. : 3004547)

(Updated : Feb/14/2014)
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Model Nm
HS CODE 8517626090
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Product Name : Vehicle Tracking Device

* Vehicle Tracking and Security

 ST 210, by using GPS and GPRS technology, receives and sends vehicle location to the server, so that your  customers can track the vehicle on a real time. Further, by using Geo-fencing service, you can make an        instant alert available if the vehicle is driven outside the pre-set zone. It is allowing your customer to stay  in comfort without worry about the vehicle being stolen.

* Various Features

 OTA(Over-The-Air) firmware upgrading, Voice/Silent call, Back-up Battery, Watertight Case, Camera,      Motion Sensor etc.

* Telmatics/ Vehicle Monitoring

 ST 210 can send various information on the vehicle itself or driving conditions if it has proper arrangement  of Event Lines, so that remote monitoring on the vehicle is possible. Some of such information includes  panic alert, fuel level, distances driven, private/business driving, over-speeding, etc.

 By using RS 232 event line, it can also communicate with other external device.

 Vice versa, it can recieve a command from the server and trigger the action on the vehicle, such as  immobilizing the vehicle.

Please learn more at www.suntechint.com 

Company Information

company information
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Company Suntech International Ltd.
Homepage www.suntechint.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/suntech-international-ltd--1059043
Tel 0220275656 Fax 0220275654
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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