Korean red ginseng(6year-heaven, good, earth, other type)(Pd No. : 3004423)

(Updated : Jan/22/2014)
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• Product Name : Korean red ginseng(6year-heaven, good, earth, other type)

It is the ginseng with luggage tan or reddish brown color and it is made by carefully selecting the undried ginseng and steaming it without peeling off the skin of the ginseng and drying it. Product made through the process of washing, selecting, steaming, drying (drying with solar heat, drying with elvan), moistening, pressing and packaging of Korean ginseng. Maltol: ingredient of antiaging effect
Ginsenoisde Rh2: ingredient of suppressing the metastasis of cancer cell, antitumoural ingredient
Ginsenoisde Rg3: ingredient of suppressing the metastasis of cancer cell
8 other ingredients peculiar to red ginseng. Red ginseng has more than 30 kinds, white ginseng has 22 kinds. The starch particles in ginseng tissue are converted to gel type from sol type. Inside the skin of ginseng there is a net tissue in which effective ingredients are accumulated and because the skin is not peeled off in the manufacture of red ginseng the effective ingredients are preserved. In steaming process various enzymes are deactivated so self-digestive process does not occur and there is no change of ingredients.

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company information
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