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(Updated : Nov/18/2014)
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[Product Description]

• Product Name : ALPHA12JIN


• Company Name : HEALTH-LOVE Co,


• Website : www.health-love.com


• Package : [(70mlx10packs)x3boxs]x1box


• Product Catagory : Health Functional Food


• Main ingredients : Pomegranate juice concentrate(65brix) and other herbal ingredients



[Product Features]

Obtained the Approval Functional Ingredients Health Functional Food using Pomegranate juice concentrate for the menopausal women's health.


Succeeded in developing a safe natural hormone replacement therapy(Pomegranate juice concentrate) due to the side effect of synthetic hormone.


Improvement effect on 11 kinds of menopausal symptoms of KI(Kupperman Index), which is for evaluating menopause and health improvement through the experiment on a human body for 12weeks(Hot flush, sweating, insomnia, badtemper, depression, dizziness, fatigue, joint&muscle pain, headache, heart palpitations, colpoxerosis, decrease secretion)



The ingredent "Pomegranate juice concentrate" used for ALPHA12JIN,

* Obtained the ingredients of the Approval Functional Ingredients Health Functional Food for the menopausal women's health(No.2010-40, KFDA)

* Obtained Korean World-class Product Award 2012 by Minister of Knowledge Economy Republic of Korea



[Company Introduction]


Health-Love is striving for righteous developments of the BIO industry in benefiting both people and nature. In pursuing the goal of providing the best natural health services, the company is presenting customers with quality products with advanced functionality. In addition, Health-Love has implemented a comprehensive quality control system, starting from product development, selection of ingredients, and production, along with construction of sanitary and scientific facilities.

Health-Love’s flagship products of RED CELO & DR. SUPER KHAN have been awarded the certification of ‘World-Class Product’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.

Health-Love has succeeded in developing RED CLEO, a safe and natural hormone replacement therapy by using pomegranate juice concentrate. The product is KFDA certified functional health food, and has been designed to reduce side effects of traditional synthetic hormones. After an experiment on human bodies for 12 weeks period, it has been proven to greatly improve 11 kinds of menopausal symptoms of Kupperman Index (KI). The KI is a numerical conversion index and covers the symptoms, including hot flush, sweating, insomnia, bad temper, depression, dizziness, fatigue, joint & muscle pain, headache, heart palpitations, colpoxerosis, and decrease secretion. Designed to enhance women’s health and quality of life, RED CLEO is a functional health food that has also been FDA approved.


Dr. Super Khan was developed by Dr. Kim Kyung Oak, who has been a specialist in liver health for 36 years. Dr. Super Khan has been designed to improve liver health for all ages. It contains 130mg of milk thistle (silymarin), which helps improve the liver function by protecting liver cells from free radicals. After an experiment on human bodies for 8 weeks period, the product has been approved as liver health-promoting food by the KFDA. The test results revealed that GOT, GPT, the index for liver function significantly improved for those who had liver damage. In year 2011 and 2012, the product was acknowledged as number one infomercial in Korea, and it continues to be a steady seller.


Health-Love, with efforts in becoming a global leader, has contributed in improvements of  national health and promotion of life & culture. In year 2012, the company has exported RED CLEO to China for USD 200,000, obtained export approvals from the U.S., and Cambodia for health functional food. In line with growing demand, the company continues to develop its range of functional health food and contribute in improving health of consumers worldwide.




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company information
Contact Person Yi Hae Yeon
Company HLscience
Address 36,Dongsanjae-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea .
Homepage www.hlscience.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/hlscience--1026133
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