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(Updated : Jan/22/2014)
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• Product Name : Hulahoop

∙S23 Health Hoop and Body Health Hoop are all for light, smooth exercise. Health Magnetic Hoop and Yeomima Health Hoop do not easily slip down. Both of them have high effects of finger pressing and massage, projections whose pressure makes you feel fresh, an built-in magnets forming a magnetic field and helping blood circulation, Especially, Yeomima Health Hoop has a wider range of finger pressure.

∙Air-Cushioning Hoop has air-cushioning projection with built-inmagnets, providing smooth pressing and reducing exercise impact. It makes you feel fresh and dynamic. Not easily going down, Air-Cushioning Hoop can be used by everyone, irrespective of gender and age. In accordance with its type, Air-Cushioning Hoop is classified into Health Magnetic HoopⅡ,Dynamic Health Hoop S, Yeomima Health HoopⅡ and Dynamic Health Hoop W, Health One Hoop 2.1, Health One Hoop 1.6

∙As a best-quality hula hoop, Passion Health Hoop, Health One Hoop 3.1, Vita Health Hoop has a new concept-based projection system, ensuring strong pressing with no pain and a high amount of exercise with its heaviest weight for a short time? With built-in magnets and bio-ceramics generating the vitamin of air, or anion, projections of Vita Health Hoop ensures the most excellent effect of exercise.

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