impregnated diamond core bit, Reaming shells, Drill rods, Core barrels (Pd No. : 3004256)

(Updated : Sep/29/2016)
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Model Nm BS, NS, HS, PHD, T series.
HS CODE 820719
M.O.Q 1 ea
Keywords Exploration, Drilling , Mining, Geo Technical, Coring,
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[Company Introduction]

Our company is the only manufacturer of the drilling equipment in Korea who is specialized in producing equipment and materials that are needed in the boring works of exploration and civil engineering construction in domestic and overseas markets.
 Currently we are supplying our products to customers at reasonable prices through the localization of the market that has been occupied by the imported products based on our know-how accumulated for a long time and endless research and development.
 We are also a small but strong company who is spurring to develop overseas markets equipped with international competitiveness.
 At present, we are positioned as the best company not only in domestic market but also in whole Asian regions among the self-manufacturing companies, and all the staff are trying their best together in order to become a major player in the global market.
 Taesung Co. will keep the immovable top position in the boring works of construction and civil engineering in domestic market.
 It is said that the winner will be determined by the knowledge and resources in the future.
 In parallel with this global trend, Taesung Co. will make endless efforts as a professional manufacturer of the exploring equipment of natural resources.
 Thank you.

[product specification]

Bits are attached to the foremost part of the Core barrels to be used in direct drilling of the ground, and play the most important role among the equipments that are used in drilling. There are many types of bits classified and used according to the purpose of drilling or ground conditions, and the bits are also different in their material, shape, and performance.
So, it is economical and highly effective in drilling works to use the proper bits after full understanding of the characteristics of each bit. Diamond Core Bit is used for the drilling of hard rocks, and Metal Bit is normally used for the ground or soft rocks. Impregnated Core Bit is normally used in case Core is needed, while Non Core Bit is used if Core is not needed.
However the drilling efficiency and economic feasibility increase if Core Bit is used while Core is not needed.
Features of Impregnated Diamond Core Bits of Taesung
1. Reached up to the global quality level.
2. In Korea, rocks are generally very strong. Bits of Taesung Co. have an excellent drilling rate.
at strong rocks as they have been adapted to such hard and strong rocks.
3. Firmly positioned as a leading company in domestic market.
4. Bits can be diversely produced in any sizes and specifications that are needed.
5. Drilling Speed of the Impregnated Core Bit is very excellent comparing with those of other companies.
6. Premium product that Synthetic Diamond Powder, Metal Powder, and Shank of top quality are used.

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Kim Young Tae
Company TAESUNG CO.,
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/taesung--1059361
Tel 0226712600 Fax 0226712600
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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