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(Updated : Nov/20/2014)
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Digital Mobile X-Ray System
High Frequency, Inverter Type
100mA, 200mA, 300mA, 500mA / 125kVp
Digital detector for portable & general radiography



The convenience of x-ray systems in guiding healing and recoveries is not disputed. X-rays provide a close and comprehensive view of internal occurrences of disease and bones and their ability to assist clinicians in pin-pointing best remedies and approaches to ailments. Important too is modernity in x-ray systems as convenience and devices has also invaded the medical world and that is where Dongmun Co., Ltd. answers client digital radiography needs to a high performing and now well established standard of excellence and mobility.  The digital x-ray mobile system is suited to both portable and general radiography and in this manner can perform the tasks of two machines.


Industry and high quality demanding clients recognize the excellence of the Dongmun Co., Ltd digital x-ray mobile system. In 1999 the company got an award for being a promising small & medium enterprise. The company’s x-ray film processors received a CE certification. In 2005 the company was certified for the portable x-ray unit. The company also received approval for distributing with Russia in 2005. Dongmun is a family company of the Korean Aviation University. The x-ray system was also exported in multiple units to Iraq, to their Ministry of Health, in 2006. Dongmun Co., Ltd.’s standing amongst its very strict government department clients has heralded the beginnings of a solid reputation at supplying very high quality as well as cost effective digital mobile x-ray systems.  Customers also enjoy the ability of being able to access Dongmun and be shown a variety of possible solutions before choosing which one best suits their needs.


There are multiple features to Dongmun’s digital mobile x-ray system. The system has a calibration program in order to specify lengths. You can operate the system with a self diagnostic mode. The self diagnostic mode automatically displays errors to improve fault detection thus aiding clinicians. The anatomical mode of the system displays over 15-216 views for manual storage. The entire interface has been designed specifically to be user friendly. It is possible to adjust the settings for optimal technical conditions, automatically. The x-ray system has precision mA and KV feedback control. The X-ray system also features portable flat panel digital detector with the specification of Fill factor (-82%~-83%), 14-bit digital conversion with 16,384 grayscales and 129~168 pixel size and high precision 3.1M-6.5M pixel solution for portable and general radiography.


The Dongmun Co., Ltd. digital mobile x-ray system has many optional features that complement their standard features. There is an AEC selection feature. This option is for high precision exposure for the time mode as well as mAs selection for the use of the ion chamber. Additionally, amongst the options is a long lasting power storage unit.


Dongmun Company Limited was founded in 1994. The company began producing x-ray machines in 1997 one year after beginning to produce x-ray chemicals and accessories.  They export to Russia, the Middle East, Europe and operate domestically both with their own range and imported products. They have also developed extensive support as well as sales material in Russian, Chinese, Japanese and English to illustrate the seriousness with which they approach you to offer you a solution that meets standards. As a consequence of their import and export business model Dongmun Co., Ltd. Invite prospective partners and suppliers to invent and prosper with them in both health and wealth. The company’s aim is to ‘contribute to better life quality of human beings,’ this being said, the company works with clients to achieve this end. Their global agency network in over 60 countries assists them to achieve this too. They have a separate motto for financial transactions and that is, ‘promise to the customer,’ in that they want to keep them.


Dongmun Co.,Ltd.

Name: Jason Kim Tel: 031-907-7222

Homepage: www.dong-mun.co.kr

Dongmun founded in 1994 aiming for contributing to better life quality of human being. As the leading manufacturer and exporter of high end diagnostic X-Ray equipments and system, we have been dedicating to an improvement in diagnostic X-Ray equipments, and we are proud that our high quality products are most welcomed from more than 80 valued customers around the world. We established the global agencies network in 60 countries. We acquired ISO13485, CE Certificate. In 2011, Dongmun won the World-Class Product award from the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Today, Dongmun is concentrating its continuous efforts on research and development sector, and aims to satisfy customers with its slogan “Promise with Customer”. Thank you very much.

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company information
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